Week 10 – Belong


The Finished Product!
1. Passive Aggressive

2. Guns Blazing

3. Wake Up

4. Okay, Remain

5. If You’re Getting This

Both Sides Are Even
21 Questions
Passive Aggressive
Wake Up
Guns Blazing
Okay, Remain
Nailing The Coffin Shut
She Just Likes To Fight

Wow, what an adventure it has been over the last couple of months. It’s amazing how I’ve seen people go through the process of recording albums, and they talk about how hard it is, how tiring it is, but I had no idea. We recorded five songs over the space of about two months and that was tiring enough. Playing live music still remains the most fun part of being in a band but even then it’s a lot of time and energy that goes into setting up and getting everything ready on the night. When I started this project I honestly thought it wouldn’t be too hard. Or that it would be fun. Or that I would be killing two birds with one stone by getting the band into recording by having a deadline and getting a project done at the same time, but boy, we sure did cut it close for a second there.

The music video clip file itself is more internet than I have access to in nearly two months of payments so here’s a nice little promo for “Okay, Remain”. The song itself was written in Ed’s backyard, recorded in the same vicinity too, and completed with love.

I’ve made some dot points about what it means to be in a band, or what they don’t tell you, if you will.

– Finding the right people who are committed. Commitment to the band is the biggest factor, & if just one person isn’t committed, you don’t have a band.

– Buying all the equipment that goes into the band. Shit load of money. Instruments, Amps, Mics, Leads, Pedals, Stands, etc.

– Finding the right space to rehearse. Hugely underrated. If you find a bad place for free it is generally pretty unproductive. If you find a good place that’s great, but a huge amount of money. $90 between three over three years every week. Gee, how much is that?

– Writing decent songs. It’s really hard to know if the songs you write are really any good. It’s about putting yourself out there and being okay with little people know about your life, and inside your mind.

– Organizing gigs. Organizing a gig is far beyond harder than playing a gig. Generally no one wants to put it together so finding bands to play is the easiest part of being in a band, because no one can be bothered organizing it themselves. Ed was great at doing all that (he has a shitload of time on his hands).

– Getting to the venue and setting up for the night and packing up. Takes forever. But worth it (even when you don’t get paid some nights).

– Recording music. It’s not as fun as it looks, playing the same song riffs a hundred times in a day. But it is an experience I’ll give em that. It’s nearly as tiring as playing a gig at 1 o’clock in the morning. But more importantly, it takes a long time to record. A long time.

– Music video clips are really fun. And they’re a really great excuse for everyone to get together and drink and talk about music.

– Getting it out there. This part is generally out of your control. More often than not you’ll feel like you’re handing CD’s to a brick wall, but you do it in hope that when the brick wall is done with it, someone will pick it up.

If you live for it, than these things aren’t hard to take it, they come naturally.


My greatest fear in the world is being in debt. I hate the thought of it. I hate constantly being in it. I hate wondering if I’ll ever get out of it. I hate that so many people are in so much debt. I hate that banks will never change or do anything about it. I cannot for the life of me remember where I first found this word “Fettering”.

Fetter |ˈfetər|
Noun (usu. fetters)
A chain or manacle used to restrain a prisoner, typically placed around the ankles: he lay bound with fetters of iron.
• A restraint or check on someone’s freedom to do something, typically one considered unfair or overly restrictive: the fetters of discipline and caution.
Verb [ with obj. ]
Restrain with chains or manacles, typically around the ankles: (as adj. fettered) : a ragged and fettered prisoner.
• Restrict or restrain (someone) in an unfair or undesirable fashion: he was not fettered by tradition.

This remains Harvey’s favourite song I’ve written to this day, but when he sings it whenever he sees me I do wonder if he’s taking the piss. It is a solid rock song though. One I cannot reproduce acoustically.

Fettering in selfish mastery
Pessimistic seen fortuity
All I want from you now
Is to undo all that you have done

You have your way as if you think you know me
You pile up constantly at my feet
Did I ask to speak to you?
Am I playing by your rules?


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