Week 8 – A Lesson In Crime


We played Pony Bar over the weekend which has by far been the most fun I’ve ever had. I brought a disposable camera and got my friends to take heaps of photos. It was perfect because the bleakness of the photos on disposable actually match the venue. It’s a pretty dirty place that rock loving people go to to have fun. Usually we’d open with “Both Sides Are Even” because that’s probably one of our more catchy, speedy songs, but considering the venue I wanted to start with a song that slowly builds into this epic finale. It’s about using math to figure out women, and failing at it.

The photo above is me, 8 years ago, when I was 15 playing to my school! The only thing in this photo I really notice is how baggy my jeans are.

I’ve also got the vocal recordings done! So Alex is going to mix and master the album and I’ll pick it up from him in a couple of days. I’m so excited to finally have something recorded after so much time, money, and energy being put into the band. We used a vocal booth in the city to do it. Ultimately I want the vocals to have a distorted, tinny sound, and I think we’ve done a pretty good job.

Never Ending Maths Equation
21 Questions
Passive Aggressive
Wake Up
Okay, Remain
Guns Blazing
Nailing The Coffin Shut
She Just Likes to Fight
Both Sides Are Even
If You’re Getting This

Both Sides Are Even

This is about the only song I’ve ever written where I haven’t tried to focus too hard on the lyrics. It’s a really simple, straight forward pop song which I hate but unfortunately when we play it live it hooks people in. I tried to make it be about having an even relationship but when the words came out naturally I was talking a bit of shit. I actually sing “It’s just how we do” – what?

How did the last one end?
On a good line?
Was it alright?
Where we both knew it would only start again

In the same light
Exact same fight
And if you lose it would only be my end

And we wrong rights
Like it’s our passed time
It’s just how we do it

Save yourself for the road
We won’t need maps where we go

We don’t amount to anything
We just don’t make it right
If you would just start listening
Both sides would be even


About johnlrobbie

Well, I live in Melbourne, & have since ever, among other cities in Australia. I'm currently working at the cafe in the ABC Studio in Southbank, & it's giving me some great ideas of what I just may do at uni. I'm thinking Communications at this stage. I'll update this at some point later...

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