Week 7 – Wincing The Night Away


This week Ed finished the guitar chords and lead sections, so the songs musically are nearly done. I just have to record the vocals now. I think it’s fair to say more time could have been taken into recordings Ed’s guitar parts. There’s a couple of miss-cues and I’m pretty sure one section of lead was recorded wrong but sometimes mistakes like that can sound nice and be unique to the song. Is that too optimistic?

We also played another gig at The Empress Hotel. We played their last year with some bands whose names slip my mind. This time we played with a band called Winterun, which was cool! Except Harvey sprained his wrist playing hockey (“playing hockey”) and as a result couldn’t drum so we turned it into a bit of an acoustic show, which was fine with me because I love mixing things up sometimes.

Both Sides Are Even
21 Questions
Passive Aggressive
Wake Up
Guns Blazing
Nailing The Coffin Shut
Okay, Remain
She Just Likes To Fight

21 Questions (Sinking Ships)

I wanted to call the song “Sinking Ships”. Harvey was set on calling it “21 Questions”, apparently because when we play the song in rehearsal, they’re the only words he understands me singing. Alas, we are a democracy and I can’t do everything in the band so I let him have this one. This is a pretty fun song to play live. It’s fast, and upbeat. To contrast this, when I play the song on acoustic guitar it’s completely polar opposite. Lyrically it’s pretty depressing. I wrote it in the sense of, ‘nothing ever goes my way’. Yes, poor me…

Losing a battle is easy cause I’ve lost a few
And high-speed crash landings are nothing compared to the truth
But sinking ships are fine as long as we’re me and you

21 questions if I check out don’t move me in line
What used to be stale air space that you now occupy
And days turned to reflections are no longer easy on the eyes

Cause it’s all the same to you

Gaining a few yards to lead us, is that too much to ask?
I don’t go out of my way to jump but do I come down to fast?
Since I’m leaning towards the ending, I guess I’ll only finish last

Cause it’s all the same to you


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Well, I live in Melbourne, & have since ever, among other cities in Australia. I'm currently working at the cafe in the ABC Studio in Southbank, & it's giving me some great ideas of what I just may do at uni. I'm thinking Communications at this stage. I'll update this at some point later...

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