Week 5 – I’m New Here


First time in the studio! Yay! You will not believe how brutally tedious it all was. Essentially all we got done today was the drums to all the tracks we were going to record. It took three hours to set up the drums and get them all mic’ed up, test the sound through the recording equipment and production on the computers.The whole day took nine hours for four drum parts.

Here’s Alex clearly having the time of his life. He is fantastic. I met Alex through a friend of mine who strongly recommended him, in terms of getting this done at no cost (We got him a slab of Asahi and a bottle on Cointreau). He’s studying Audio Engineering at RMIT so he said he’d use our recordings for his assignments if needed. Alex has about $10,000 worth of recording equipment so it’s fair to say this is more than just a hobbie for him. He’s happy with our music because the last band he recorded was death metal.

Okay, Remain

I was sitting in Ed’s backyard drinking beers and we were jamming out ideas. I think we were singing Death Cab For Cutie or something to get the strumming for “Okay, Remain”. When I’ve played it live, it’s the only song with just myself and an electric guitar. I wrote the lyrics a while back after dating a girl for a couple of months. The relationship was very back and forth, and I found it really hard to connect no matter how much I wanted it to work. The girl at the time wasn’t entirely sure she wanted a relationship, but knew she wanted me in her life. It wasn’t ideal. Now, I try my best to make sure this is the song that will get girls attention. So far this has not worked. Will keep trying.

You set me off to the point where I explode
I don’t want to hold on but I can’t let go
If I’m going down than I want to know
I’m only so brave to take you on

If you let go than you just might see where I’m coming from
Kiss me one more time and I swear I’m gone

You don’t even know the heart you broke
You should have seen me trying to let you go
Moving on is like watching grass grow
Painfully slow
It has its highs and its lows
It stands tall when you wont
So just leave me alone

If you let go than you just might see where I’m coming from
Piss me off one more time and I swear I’m gone
If you really cared, it’s cliché I’m aware but you’d let me go
I can’t relax, turn and don’t look back, and I’ll love you more


About johnlrobbie

Well, I live in Melbourne, & have since ever, among other cities in Australia. I'm currently working at the cafe in the ABC Studio in Southbank, & it's giving me some great ideas of what I just may do at uni. I'm thinking Communications at this stage. I'll update this at some point later...

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