Week 4 – Turn On The Bright Lights


Last weekend we played in a band competition. It was a complete disaster. Well, not a complete disaster but the whole thing was bullshit. I got an email from some guys letting us know they had a spot for us in their band competition (which literally every band you talk to will tell you they’re a bad idea, but why you ask?). We were stoked because it was held at The Espy – arguably Melbourne’s most iconic music venue. All we had to do was sell tickets to people at $13 each, which is about $10 more than I’d pay to see some bands I’ve never heard of either. We had to sell at least 35 or we were told we wouldn’t be allowed to play… We were then also told after entering that we only had a 20 minute set. Enough time to play 3 or 4 songs, assuming Ed didn’t wail out on some awesome 10 minute guitar solo. We decided to cut slower parts of our songs and speed them all up which was pretty exciting. We also had a couple of new songs ready to go, particularly what will become the albums title track – “Passive Aggressive”.

Both Sides Are Even
Passive Aggressive
Guns Blazing
Wake Up
If You’re Getting This

Of course we went over-time – fuck them.

Passive Aggressive

“Passive Aggressive” is my sort of ‘fuck you to the world’. An angry white boy song perhaps, about all the bullshit things in life. Having to wake up early everyday. Being hungover. Working shit jobs to buy shit I don’t need. Pissing people off. Being misunderstood by people, mainly girls.

But ultimately still not being able to figure it out – Why am I always so far away from you?

I do never stop
I wake without warning and try to get up
My dreams are a puzzle that I just forgot
And trying to remembers like breaking Fort Knox
A little despondent, only more to the top
Why do I work all the dead end jobs?
Why do I have superficial wants?
Why do I lose what I try to pick up?
My minds as distorted as it is avant-garde
Am I the only one who just wants to stop?
Am I the only one who’s just had enough?
I’m forcing an issue a little too much
I try to get out but I’m so far

Why am I always so far away from you?

And all the lies that I’ve made
It’s hard to keep track of what gave me away
Exactly to the point where I wanted you to stay
Have I learned nothing from what I appropriate?
And give my best to all the people I deceived
It wasn’t your fault you’re just not quite what I need
To end up this way in a state of disbelief
And not come across so passive aggressive
I try to be gone but I’m so far

Why am I always so far away from you?


About johnlrobbie

Well, I live in Melbourne, & have since ever, among other cities in Australia. I'm currently working at the cafe in the ABC Studio in Southbank, & it's giving me some great ideas of what I just may do at uni. I'm thinking Communications at this stage. I'll update this at some point later...

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